Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I order with

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High Quality & Durability — We use only high quality commercial grade canvas, sprayed with a protective coating to help preserve the product for many years to come.

How do I order?

Ordering is easy! See How it Works.

How do I know my order went through?

We always email a confirmation receipt when an order is placed. However, these receipts can sometimes be redirected to your spam or junk folder. Please make us a "trusted sender" in your email program and add to your safe sender list. We want to be sure you receive all updates on your order and information on the status of your canvas shipment.

What sizes do you offer?
  • 8x10
  • 11x11
  • 11x14
  • 6x18
  • 16x16
  • 9x27
  • 16x20
  • 18x24
  • 20x30
  • 24x36
  • 20x48

We currently do not offer custom sizes but hope to have these available in the future. Be sure to check back with us regularly to see if these are available.

How thick are the canvases?

All of our canvases are gallery wrapped around a stretch bar and most are available in both .75″ and 1 ½″ thickness. Current availability is as follows:

  • 8x10
  • 11x11
  • 11x14
  • 16x16
  • 9x27
  • 16x20
  • 18x24
  • 20x30
  • 24x36
  • 20x48
  • .75"
  • .75"
  • .75" or 1.5"
  • .75"
  • .75"
  • .75" or 1.5"
  • .75" or 1.5"
  • .75"
  • 1.5"
  • 1.5"
Canvas Wrap Sizes
What size photo is acceptable?

Images that are 2MB or higher are great, and images under 2MB but higher than 700KB are almost always workable. Please note we do not accept images larger than 26mb.

  • 8x10
  • 11x11
  • 11x14
  • 6x18
  • 16x16
  • 9x27
  • 16x20
  • 18x24
  • 20x30
  • 24x36
  • 20x48
  • 1000 x 1200
  • 1300 x 1300
  • 1400 x 1700
  • 800 x 2000
  • 1800 x 1800
  • 1100 x 2900
  • 1900 x 2300
  • 2100 x 2700
  • 2200 x 3200
  • 2700 x 3900
  • 2300 x 5100
Acceptable Photo Size

Helpful Hint: The resolution from most digital cameras works perfectly for our canvas product. You can check the file size by right clicking on your image, and then clicking "properties" where the size will be displayed. Compare that number to the recommended resolutions listed above.

Note: Cell phone images may not meet our minimum resolution requirements. Please upload the largest image possible to ensure the highest resolution.

Can you touch up or correct any photo problems?
  • Red Eye Removal
    We'll get your eyes looking like the color they were meant to be!
  • Brightness / Contrast- Adjustments
    If your photo is too dull or has too much light, we'll bring it to life!
  • Color Balancing Adjustments
    We will turn your photo into a vivid work of art... we're experts!
  • Time Stamp Removal
    Your canvas is a memory to last a lifetime, why put a date on it?
Photo Touch Up

*When you place your order, choose our Basic Photo Touch Up - only $4.95!

What photo effects are available?
  • a. Color Enhancement
    Description: Brings colors to life. Color enhancement will turn your canvas print into a vivacious work of art.
  • b. Sepia
  • c. Black & White
Photo Effects

What frames are available?
Frames are available for most sizes. At the present time, frames are not available for Instagram photos, the thick canvas wrap, or 11x11, 16x16, or 24x36 sized canvases.
Frames Frames
Will my photo colors appear slightly different?

RGB Colors
(what you see on screen)

CMYK Colors
(how printer ink may appear)

Yes, they may appear slightly different. Keep in mind our high-quality commercial canvas printing process utilizes CMYK colors. Unlike commercial printers, household printers and monitors which use RGB.

(See image above) CanvasPeople will reproduce color from your submitted photograph file as closely as possible, but cannot exactly match color and density because of limitations in the printing process, monitor calibration and image resolution requirements. You most likely won't notice this kind of color shift in a color photograph. It is more likely to happen if you pick a very rich, vibrant color for a background or some other element of your layout.

How will my photo be wrapped?

Your photo will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas stretch bar. Make sure the main subject of your photo is within the inner red border (canvas front) as shown below.

Note: As you change the canvas size, be sure to check out the wrapping preview again as it will change based on the size selected.

Please allow 1.5- 2 inches for the canvas wrapping. If something is cut off or wrapped around the sides which is important, you may want to edit your photo using our cropping tool or upload a different photo.

Photo Wrapping
How do you handle Instagram borders?

When uploading an Instagram photo that does not have a border added through the Instagram App, we will add a border to your image for you. We want your canvas to have the full Instagram effect. The border added will be black, tan, or white and will extend 1/4″ onto the face and sides of the canvas.

we will add a border to your image for you How your image without a border looks on your phone or instagram profile
we will add a border to your image for you How your borderless image will look with our added border

Instagram photos with a border added through the Instagram App prior to uploading will have a border around the sides of the canvas with the Instagram added border showing on the face of the canvas.

If you would prefer to have your Instagram image wrap in full around the sides of the canvas with no border showing on the face of the canvas, please upload your image through the generic uploader from your computer, rather than through Instagram.

Please note that only square canvases (11x11 and 11x14) can support Instagram photos.

How long will it take to receive my canvas or gift card?

Orders are generally delivered within 10 – 12 business days. Production times may vary if the provided photo does not meet our resolution requirements. Please allow additional time if you enhance your photo with a Special Effect. Please note that during holidays shipping may take slightly longer due to increased order volume. To ensure your canvas arrives when you need it, please order 12 – 14 business days early to account for shipping.

If you have not received your tracking information from us after 10 days, there might be an issue with your photo. Low resolution or poor cropping may trigger an automatic email to be sent to you requesting a new photo. These emails sometimes get caught in spam filters, so we suggest you make us a "trusted sender" to ensure you receive this important correspondence from us. 

If you're looking for a canvas gift that you can give immediately, try our gift cards. They're a fun way to let your friends and family turn their own treasured memories into canvas art.

What shipping options are available?

We ship standard postage using FedEx and USPS. Orders are generally delivered in 10 - 12 business days. For faster delivery, we also offer the following express shipping options: Express and Priority.

Express shipping will be delivered 5 - 7 business days after the canvas is completed, and Priority shipping will be delivered 3 – 5 business days after the canvas is completed. Please allow additional time if you enhance your photo with a special effect. Please note that during holidays, delivery may take slightly longer due to increased order volume. To ensure your canvas arrives when you need it, order 12 - 14 business days before you'd like your order to arrive.

Our standard shipping costs range from $14.95-$19.95 depending on the canvas size. For express delivery, an additional $9.95 - $24.95 will be added to your total. To guarantee an even faster delivery, please select the priority shipping option and an additional $15.95 - $29.95 will be applied to your total.

Please Note: The Express and Priority shipping times only include actual delivery period and do not include the time it takes to create your personalized canvas.

Why don't I see express shipping options at checkout?
Express and Priority shipping options are currently only available for single canvas orders, without decorative frames, that are to be delivered within the continental U.S.
Are your offers available worldwide?
All Canvas People offers, deals, coupon codes and other special promotions are valid within the Continental U.S. only unless otherwise specified.
Do you ship internationally?
At this time we do not offer shipping outside of the Continental U.S., Hawaii, or Alaska. We hope to offer shipping outside the Continental U.S. in the near future. 
Can I modify or cancel my order?
Due to the highly automated nature of our process, canvases are created and shipped as quickly as possible. This is a personalized product, and cannot be cancelled or modified once the canvas has been sent to production. Please see our Return Policy for more details.
What is your return policy?

We will review a request for a replacement or refund provided that it meets the guidelines in our Return Policy and the request is filed within thirty (30) days from the date the canvas was received. All replacement or refund requests must be submitted through our return form. Please include a photo of the canvas with the issue for our team to review.

If Canvas People provides a replacement or refund you may be asked to provide a 3" x 5" piece cut out of the canvas you received. Please note, you are responsible for the shipping costs on a replacement canvas.

Gift cards are non-refundable.

Will my information be private?
CanvasPeople respects your privacy, and we are committed to respecting your information and privacy on this site. In order to provide our services, we require information (including address and credit card information) regarding our users. You may receive email periodically from Canvas People, our other Parent Media Group, Inc. sites and our respected partners with information and special offers. We will maintain the confidentiality of information provided in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We may change this policy from time to time, and if we do we will provide notice on this website regarding any changes to the policy.
Will my credit card be secure? utilizes a secure server in all the transactions that hold sensitive information. A secure server guarantees the privacy of data transmitted through the internet, including credit card information, through a SSL protocol that encrypts the information.
Can I reprint any photo?

The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author of a photograph the exclusive right to reproduce the photograph. This includes the right to control the making of copies. If your photograph was taken by a professional photographer you may need to obtain a release.

What are the details about Gift Cards?

How do you send gift cards and are they able to be personalized?
Our gift cards are e-cards delivered via email only. At this time, there is no option to have your card physically mailed. You have the ability to customize your e-card gift card with a personal message.

What do I do if my gift card was not delivered or if the gift card email went to the recipient's spam (junk mail) and was deleted?
Please ask the recipient to check their spam folder for the gift card email. It is important they mark as a "trusted sender". If you are unable to locate the gift card, our Customer Service department can research your order and resend the gift card via email to the same email address you originally chose. If you wish to resend to a different email address, we will cancel the original gift card and reissue a new email to the updated email address.

How can I retrieve my gift card information/history?
You have a few ways to obtain your gift card purchase history:

  • Once you place your order, you will receive a receipt email with info about your purchase.
  • Log onto the Canvas People site and check your order history info on the top right of the page (Click on "gift card" then see "order history" tab on that page).
  • You can also check the tab next to order history called "credit summary". This will display the date that credits are applied & used, whether from gift cards or our "Refer a Friend" program.

Note: You have the option to come to our site and load credits into our system, even without placing an order.

How do I check my gift card balance?
The gift card email you received contains the gift card code and its value. You may also visit our site to redeem the card. Simply enter your code and the credit will be applied to your account. The page will refresh with the total credit in the account, including the gift card just applied.

Can I use multiple gift cards on one order?
Yes. All gift cards become part of your total credit available, which is applied automatically in your shopping cart when you place an order. May gift cards be combined with other promotions or vouchers? Yes, gift cards work like cash and they may be combined with other coupons or vouchers.

Is there an expiration date for gift cards?
No, you may use your gift card at any time; it will never expire.

When redeeming a gift card and the order total is more than the gift card total, will it automatically request credit card information for the additional funds and clearly display the breakdown with the gift card applied?
If the value of the order exceeds the credit total, the page will request payment information. You may pay by credit card or PayPal. If the value of the order is less than the credit total, the summary will show the amount of the credit used and any credit you have remaining. There will be no need to enter payment information.

Where is the gift card number to be redeemed?
On our website, Click the Gift Card link on the top of the page. You'll see an offer to purchase more gift cards or to redeem a gift card you received. You'll need to set up an account with a username and password so we can store your gift card until you're ready to use it.

Can gift cards be used partially? If yes, am I able to check the balance on the card? Or does it have to be redeemed entirely to obtain its full value?
Gift cards become a credit in your account. You do not have the option to use only a part of a gift card balance. However, if the value of the credits in your account is more than the cost of the order, the remainder will be applied to your next order.

What is the gift card return policy?
Gift cards are final sale. You may not return a gift card.

Do I need to register to purchase and use gift cards?
You must create an account in order to purchase a gift card or login to your existing account. To use a gift card, you must create an account or login to your existing account.

Can I transfer my gift card to someone else?
No, you may only use the gift card(s) in your own account.

Can I redeem my gift card for cash?
No, you may not redeem the gift card for the cash value.

Can I select the order I wish my gift card to be applied to?
No, it is applied automatically to the next order you place.

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