Personalized Baby Photo Prints & Canvases

Baby prints are the perfect gifts for new parents, grandparents, or any relatives welcoming a new born into the family! Creating your very own custom baby canvas is simple—just select a cute photo of your choice, choose a size, add some optional whimsical effects, and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you’re shopping for a custom baby shower gift or just want to keep these sweet memories on display for yourself, baby prints from CanvasPeople do the trick.

Personalized Baby Prints & Canvases FAQs

What are the photo requirements to create your own baby canvas prints?

Baby prints are available in 11x14 and 16x20 inch canvases. To create your own personalized wall canvas, follow these image resolution guidelines:

  •     - For 11x14” prints, use a minimum resolution of 850 x 1100 pixels
  •     - For 16x20” prints, use a minimum resolution of 1200 x 1500 pixels

If you’re not sure if your baby photo meets the minimum requirements, don’t worry; we’ll let you know if the quality meets the mark or needs an update.

How are baby canvas prints made?

Our personalized baby prints are made with fine art quality canvas which is resistant to fading, moisture, scratches, and scuffing. With this as the foundation, your photo is then infused into the canvas using a dye sublimation process which creates a vibrant, clear finished product.

When it comes to shipping, we leave no detail untouched! Using gallery shipping wrap, we package your baby canvas securely so that you can rest assured it arrives as safely and quickly as possible.

If you’re searching for the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom, nothing beats a personalized baby art canvas! Baby canvases from CanvasPeople are made ready to hang, and even include rubber bumpers to protect your walls. There’s truly no better gift out there for a busy new mom.

Do baby canvases make good gifts?

Absolutely, we don’t have to tell you time flies when you’re raising kids! That’s what makes baby prints from CanvasPeople so special. Capture your baby’s striking smile, their first funny face, or the moment they met their big sister. Whatever the heartfelt memory is, a personalized baby print will surely make an excellent addition to your loved one’s home.

In addition to baby canvases, we also offer custom baby pillows and a variety of other personalized baby photo gifts you and your crew will love!

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