Brilliant Metal Prints

Our Metal Prints add a touch of sophistication to any space. Boasting a unique look, these elegant and sophisticated pieces fit perfectly in any décor. Crafted with precision, the clean lines and sharp details of our Metal Prints bring each image to life and literally pops off the wall. Perfect for any home or office, each print is truly unique.


  • ✓ Made to Last: Made with white-coated aluminum, then sealed with a matte finish. Our metal prints are protected against fading, cracking and scratching. 
  • ✓ Easy to Clean: May be wiped clean with a non-abrasive cloth that is damp with water for a brighter, more polished display.
  • ✓ Indoor / Outdoor: Durable enough to be placed both indoors and outdoors without the risk of fading or turning yellow.

16x20 Metal Print

$59.50 $169.99

Metal Print 11x14

$52.50 $149.99

Metal Print 12x12

$53.55 $152.99

Metal Print 20x30

$70.00 $199.99

Metal Print 24x36

$76.98 $219.94

Hanging a Metal Print

Hanging a metal print can be a stylish way to display your favorite photos or artwork on your walls, elevating your space to a whole new level. But, you might be wondering, "How on earth do I hang this masterpiece without making a mess?" Fear not! Hanging a metal print is a breeze, and we’re here to guide you through the process step by step.

Firstly, let's gather the essentials. You'll need a few items:

  • • Metal Print: Obviously, the star of the show! Make sure it's clean and free from dust or fingerprints.
  • • Wall Anchors and Wide-Head Screws: Depending on the weight and size of your metal print, you can opt for wide-head screws or wall anchors. These are readily available at your local hardware store.
  • • Level: To ensure your print hangs perfectly straight. No crooked art on our watch!
  • • Pencil: For marking where you want to place your print on the wall.
  • • Measuring Tape: To get those measurements just right.

Something you may want to consider is how your metal print will display. Unlike traditional wall art, where the print lays flat against the wall, our metal prints create a "floating aesthetic". This happens because we pre-install a wood frame that is positioned discreetly at the back of the metal print. This wood frame pushes the metal print forward, creating an illusion that looks like it is hovering off the wall, adding a visually interesting sense of depth.

Now, let's dive into the steps:

Step 1: Choose the Perfect Spot

Before you grab your tools, take a moment to decide where your metal print will shine the brightest. Consider factors like lighting, visibility, and the overall aesthetic of the room.

Step 2: Measure Twice, Hang Once

Measure the width and height of your metal print. Use these measurements to find the center of the wall where you want to hang it. Mark this spot with a light pencil mark.

Step 3: Get Level

Using your level, draw a straight, horizontal line across the wall at the height where you want the center of your print. This line will serve as a guide to ensure your art hangs perfectly level.

Step 4: Hang It Up

For smaller metal prints, you may use 1-2 evenly spaced screws and hang the inner part of the wood frame on them. For larger and heavier metal prints (16x20 and up), consider using wall anchors to keep your artwork securely positioned.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Metal Print

Step back and admire your handiwork. Use the level to confirm that your metal print is hanging perfectly straight. Adjust if necessary.

And there you have it. A stunning metal print of your favorite photo or artwork is hanging on your wall like the masterpiece it is!

Remember, the key to successfully hanging your metal print is taking your time to prepare the area and making careful measurements. Enjoy the process, and soon enough, your space will be transformed into a gallery of your own making. Happy decorating!


Metal Photo Print FAQs

What are metal prints?

Our metal prints are made with white coated aluminum and sealed with a matte finish, which fortifies it against cracking, fading, and scratching. Metal photo prints from CanvasPeople are unique because their durable construction enables them to be used both inside and outside without fading or yellowing.

How do you clean your metal print?

Cleaning your aluminum print is simple, thanks to the matte finish added for extra protection. Just wipe clean with a non-abrasive cloth that is damp with water for a brighter, more polished display!

How do I create my own metal photo print?

Whether you’re shopping for a personalized wedding gift or a unique retirement gift, we make personalizing all presents easier than ever! Just follow these five steps and you’ll have a custom metal print that will be a surefire hit:

  1. 1. Select the photo of your choice

  2. 2. Choose what size you want your metal print to be

  3. 3. Add optional special effects

  4. 4. We’ll take care of the rest!

And if you’d rather leave the creative genius up to us, our selection of metal art prints would make for a cool accompaniment to our selection of photo graduation gifts for your favorite scholar!

When should I gift metal prints?

Metal picture prints are great gifts for any occasion! They’re personal, stylish, and built to last. Whether you’re looking for a custom new year gift to ring in the decade or a commemorative gift for a loved one, our metal prints are sure to add some sparkle to your home.


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