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Pet Photo Gifts

Personalized pet gifts make for great presents for all types of pet owners out there. Time spent in the company of any four-legged friend is time well spent, so why not transform those happy memories into timeless gifts that last a lifetime?

Creating a custom pet gift is simple:

  1. Step 1: Choose the type of gift you want, whether it’s custom blanket, wrapped canvas or a coffee mug
  2. Step 2: Select a high-resolution image of your choice
  3. Step 3: Edit, crop or make final adjustments to the photo
  4. Step 4: Complete your order and let us take it from here

Rainbow Border Pillow

$21.00 $59.99

Rainbow Bridge Pillow

$21.00 $59.99

Personalized Pet Gifts FAQs 

What is a good gift idea for pet lovers? 

Coming up with thoughtful, personalized pet gifts for owners can feel like a challenge when few things compare to quality time spent with their fur baby.
 However, when you add an imaginative spin to their pet’s usual appearance, you can craft a top-notch gift that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.  

From our Medieval Pet print that can turn a 21st-century pup into 15th-century royalty to our Chef Pet canvas that transforms a lazy house cat into a decorated cook—toque and all—there are several clever ways to turn an ordinary photo into a one-of-a-kind portrait. 

Whether you’re looking for personalized tabletop gifts or customized hangable prints, the perfect gift is just a click away in our pet gifts collection. 

What to gift someone who lost a pet?

Losing a furry friend is a t
ough reality to face, but the person in your life suffering the loss of their pet doesn’t have to go it alone. While there’s no replacing that warm companionship, a sweet Pet Portrait is a beautiful way to commemorate a friend for life. 

To brighten a grieving friend’s day, surprise them with one of our Regal Pet prints that seamlessly inserts their pet’s face into a baroque-style portrait. This artful custom canvas print is a unique way to turn the memory of a furry friend into a timeless piece of eclectic elegance. 

How do I create a personalized pet gift?

Creating personalized pet gifts is simple when you shop with 
CanvasPeople. All you need to do is choose a 
photo coffee mug or canvas print, select a high-resolution digital photo (at least 2MB in size), and customize with text and effects.  

Once you’ve generated the perfect custom pet photo gift, you can leave the rest to us. We’ll have your personalized pet gift shipped out and delivered within 10-12 business days of placement. The pet parent on your gift list is bound to fall in love with the adorable custom pet gift you created.  

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