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Photo gifts are a fun and creative option for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. At CanvasPeople, you can create your own custom photo prints on canvases, pillows, mugs, and other thoughtful trinkets. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to create your work of art! Simply choose a photo to feature, upload and fit it to your product template, and you’ll have a sweet keepsake gift for any occasion. 


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Personalized Photo Gifts FAQs

What kind of pictures are best to give as gifts?

If you want to select the best picture for your personalized photo gift, try to find one that evokes a happy memory that you shared with the recipient. That way, every time they look at it, they will be reminded of a special moment they’ve experienced.


The best type of photo also depends on the type of gift you’re creating. For example, for personalized pillows, you’ll want to choose a photo that can be zoomed in to a close-up shot without losing anything important. However, for photo mugs or canvases, you can use a full picture with as much background detail as you want.


Another consideration to keep in mind when you’re choosing the perfect photo for your personalized picture gift is the image quality. In some cases, old photos of cherished memories may be too low quality to use. If you’re having trouble with an image because of quality, blemishes, red eyes, or some other issue, you may also be able to make it usable by taking advantage of our photo enhancement services.

What occasions are photo gifts good for?

The great thing about custom photo gifts is that they are versatile, so you can surprise someone with one on nearly any occasion. That said, some of the most common occasions for personalized photo gifts are:


  •     - Weddings
  •     - Birthdays
  •     - Anniversaries
  •     - Housewarmings
  •     - Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  •     - Graduations
  •     - Christmas


You can also create a custom photo plaque to commemorate one of these special days!

What types of photos are the most thoughtful?

Any personalized picture gift that you’ve decided to give will be seen as thoughtful. However, there are some types of photos that may come off as more sentimental than others. This could be a picture of the two of you on vacation together, at a special occasion, or sharing a warm embrace. However, the picture doesn’t always have to feature you. For example, the photo gift could be a portrait of their pet, a loved one that they’ve lost, or them and their partner.


When you’re picking out a photo gift, there’s a lot of room for creativity and customization, so you can create something perfect for anyone and any occasion! Look through the options on our site for photo gift ideas before getting started.

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