Decorative Holiday Throw Pillows

Holiday pillows, whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, will make any special celebration one to remember. Scroll through our selection of unique and sentimental pillows, and find the perfect one to give as a gift to someone special in your life. We make custom holiday shopping and personalized Christmas gifts simple and affordable, so get in the spirit of the season by gifting a photo pillow!

Holiday Throw Pillow FAQs

What kind of image should I add to a custom holiday throw pillow?

Whatever image sparks the most joy in your heart is perfect for placing on your decorative holiday pillows! We always recommend choosing an image that’s large, crisp, and clear.


One option we always recommend is to choose an image that reminds you of what the Holidays are all about — friends, family, and the togetherness that the season brings. Put your parents, your kids, your family friends, or even your dog on the pillow! You can then pair your custom decorative holiday pillow with one of our other exciting Holiday gift options:

Are holiday throw pillows machine washable?

You bet they are! If your holiday accent pillow gets a little dingy, don’t worry. You can toss it in the wash with your favorite pair of jeans no problem. We usually recommend washing cool, and letting it air dry — this ensures that the crisp color remains intact for years to come, so no holiday goes uncelebrated without the festive delight of a custom pillow.

What are holiday pillows made of?

Happy holidays pillows are made of a durable and high-quality fabric, specially designed to maintain image clarity and quality. They are 18” x 18” square pillows, a great size for tossing on the couch and resting your head on. You can order them in batches of up to 5, so if you’re sending out a blast of amazing gifts to all your friends and family, you can stock up quickly!

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