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Hanging canvas prints are the perfect adornment for any wall. Personalized canvases from CanvasPeople are easy to create. Simply pick a canvas size, upload your favorite photo, and we’ll take care of the rest! In no time, you’ll have custom hanging canvas prints that will add personality and flair to any room. 

All My Heart - 11x14

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Hanging Canvas Prints FAQs

How do I hang a canvas print?

At CanvasPeople, we offer a plethora of custom hanging canvas prints, such as wedding canvases, custom metal prints and even pet canvas art . When it comes time to hang your canvas prints, follow these steps:


  •     - Step 1: Gather all your materials, including a sawtooth bracket, two screws, one hook, nails, a hammer, and a spirit level.
  •     - Step 2: Find a wall where you’d like to hang your canvas print and mark it with a pencil.
  •     - Step 3: Hammer the wall hook with a nail at a slight angle to ensure the wall takes a majority of the weight.
  •     - Step 4: Attach the sawtooth bracket to the top back of your canvas using your screwdriver to secure it in place.
  •     - Step 5: Hang your canvas on the wall hook and use your spirit level to ensure your hanging canvas is straight.


Once you complete these steps, you’ll have a beautiful canvas displayed on your walls!

Where should I hang a custom canvas print?

Where you hang your unique photo canvas prints is entirely up to you! Some ideas to help you get started with your canvas hanging print include:


  •     - In your foyer or entryway
  •     - Above your bed
  •     - Over you fireplace mantle
  •     - In your kitchen
  •     - Along your staircase wall
  •     - In your living room


As you can see, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a spot for your hanging canvas photos.

What sizes do hanging canvas prints come in?

At CanvasPeople, our canvas wall paintings are 11 inches by 14 inches, which is the perfect size for any wall. In addition to our hanging canvas prints, we often custom canvas prints that come in the following sizes:


  •     - 6 x 6
  •     - 8 x 10
  •     - 10 x 10
  •     - 10 x 30
  •     - 11 x 14
  •     - 14 x 14
  •     - 16 x 20
  •     - 16 x 32
  •     - 18 x 24
  •     - 20 x 30
  •     - 20 x 48
  •     - 24 x 36


Canvas is in our name here at CanvasPeople, so when you choose us, you can ensure your hanging canvas prints will come out looking spectacular. 

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