Framed Canvas Prints

Get your favorite memories printed and delivered with framed canvas prints. Our unique floating frame designs add depth and perspective, helping your images stand out in any room. Choose a design and showcase your cherished moments with polished, stunning framed canvases that will leave a lasting impression on family and guests.

Add a refined look to your canvas

Design Your Own Personalized Frame Prints

Personalized prints with frames allow you to choose your favorite photos and have them printed and delivered with a frame, ready to hang on your wall. CanvasPeople photo prints include a floating frame that creates depth, allowing the picture to stand apart from other décor in your home. With this lighting effect, you can put the spotlight on your favorite photos while giving them a polished look wherever you hang them.

Create the Perfect Gift with a Custom Framed Photo

Prints with frames make a great gift regardless of the occasion because they allow you to highlight memories that bring your loved ones happiness. Whether you're ordering a framed picture for a graduation, wedding, or baby shower, you can create a high-quality print that your friends and family will surely appreciate.

Custom Framed Canvases FAQs

Where is the best place to shop for framed canvases?

CanvasPeople offers a wide range of options for framed canvas prints. Choose the size, color, and depth to achieve your desired look. From anniversary presents and pet gifts to stock art prints, we have several options to pick from, making it easy for you to display your memories. Order pillow creations and photo blankets containing pictures of your children, grandchildren, or favorite pets to compliment your framed canvas art. 

How do I create a framed canvas print?

At CanvasPeople, we do our best to bring your images to life with a no-hassle process. To order framed photos or canvas prints, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Select your favorite design and upload the image you need framed. You can upload photos directly from your computer or social media accounts.

  2. 2. Choose a canvas size. Framed canvases are available in several sizes for your convenience.

  3. 3. Proceed to checkout and finalize your selection.

How much does a custom-framed canvas print cost? 

Framed canvas art or prints from CanvasPeople start as low as $166.94 for an 11x14" print with a 0.75" frame. How you customize the final product determines the amount you'll pay. For example, you can order framed canvas wall art with 18"x24" dimensions, a 1.25" deep frame, and thick wrap for $244.94.

Factors that influence pricing  include:

  • - Frame depth: 0.75" or 1.25"

  • - Width: 8" to 18"

  • - Length: 10" to 30"

  • - Wrap: Standard or thick

  • - Special effects: There are several special effects available to enhance your canvas print

How long does it take to receive canvas prints framed?

The majority of canvas prints framed by CanvasPeople ship within 4 to 6 business days and arrive at your home within 10 to 12 business days. Delivery times may vary if your photo doesn't have the necessary resolution quality. Additionally, some special effects may require a longer production time.

If you’re giving a framed canvas or picture mug as a gift, consider placing your order as soon as possible to avoid delays, especially during busy holiday seasons. We'll ship the order to your home or the address provided once production is finalized.

What are the frame options for canvas print wall art?

There are various frame options to choose from for your canvas prints. 

We offer frames in three color choices: black, white, and espresso. You can customize your framed canvas art by choosing between two available depths (0.75" or 1.25"). 

Additionally, your floating frame can come in the width and length you select. There are 14 sizes to pick from in square or rectangular shapes. With lighting and other special effects, you can put the spotlight on your photos and brighten any room.

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