Engagement Ornaments

Engagement ornaments are a sentimental gift perfect for soon-to-be newlyweds. To celebrate a life of love, send your congratulations by creating your own custom engagement gift at CanvasPeople. To get started, pick your favorite custom engagement ornament, find a photo of the couple, and upload it! From there, we’ll create their first Christmas engagement ornament and send it to their doorstep. 

Personalized Engagement Ornaments FAQs

What to send someone who just got engaged?

Getting engaged is a significant milestone in anyone’s life. This means it’s time to celebrate and show how excited you are for them to spend a lifetime together filled with love and happiness. The perfect gift to send someone who just got engagement is something that comes from the heart.


At CanvasPeople, we have a variety of unique wedding gifts and engagement presents you can send this Christmas. The holidays are a special time, especially for engaged couples who are one step closer to joining their families. A personalized engagement ornament is a thoughtful token of love you can send that will remind them of the admiration they share for each other every holiday season.


Other thoughtful gifts include luxury throw pillows for them to snuggle with by the fire or a wedding photo canvas print they can place on their mantle for Santa to see. As you browse our personalized gifts by occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect present to send to someone who just got engaged.

How do I create a custom engagement ornament?

Creating custom engagement ornaments is made easy at CanvasPeople. To get started, follow these simple steps:


  •     - Step 1: Browse our collection of personalized engagement ornaments and choose your favorite one
  •     - Step 2: Find a picture of the lovely couple, such as their first photo together or the moment when the question was popped
  •     - Step 3: Upload the image as a JPEG or PNG file from your computer, or import from Facebook or Instagram
  •     - Step 4: Use our editing tools to crop, zoom, and rotate the image to ensure it fits perfectly
  •     - Step 5: Enter the address you’d like the engagement ornament shipped and place your order


In no time the newly engaged couple will have a special ornament to use when they celebrate their first Christmas with their future spouse.

How do I clean and store an engagement ornament?

To ensure your engagement ornament lasts a lifetime, it’s important it remains clean and is stored properly. To clean your engagement ornament, start by dusting it with a soft cloth. Then, use a gentle cleanser and paper towel to clean the ornament carefully. Once it’s nice and shiny, it’s best to store your engagement ornament in an ornament storage box. If you don’t have one, you can place your ornament in a resealable bag or small box with an old newspaper or bubble wrap.

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