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Definition of Dad Pillow

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Vendor: Jondo
  • He’s a pillar of love, support, and strength—he’s your dad!

  • Surprise him for Father’s Day, his birthday, for Christmas, or for no reason at all with a Definition of Dad Pillow

  • Our Dad Pillow helps define the true definition of dad for you:

    • “1. A child’s first superhero”

    • “2.  Someone who is there to catch you before you fall”

  • This 18” x 18” throw pillow is the perfect accent piece for his bed, the couch, or a chair in his office!

  • Create your own custom Definition of Dad Pillow by choosing your favorite memory you share with him and upload it right onto the pillow

When is a good time to buy a Definition of Dad Pillow?

Anytime is the perfect time to surprise your dad with a gift from the heart! From watching all of your sporting events on the weekends to teaching you how to ride a bike, your dad has been by your side for every major milestone. While he may already have everything he needs, a Dad Pillow will truly warm his heart. Perfect for him to take naps on after a weekend of yard work, Dad Pillows are a thankless and unique gift he’ll cherish forever.

How do I create a dad pillow?

Customizing your own Definition of Dad Pillow is easy! The hardest part is finding the right picture that truly captures the personality you two have and bond you share. Here are the steps you need to take to personalize a pillow for dad:

Step 1: 

Find your favorite memory in the form of a picture on your computer, Facebook, or Instagram.

Step 2: 

If you choose a file from your computer, click “select image,” then “upload a photo,” and choose your picture. If uploading from Facebook or Instagram, click on the respective icons next to the “select image” button and choose from your social media page.

Step 3: 

Choose a JPEG or PNG image with a file size around 2MB. Photos as small as 700 KB and as large as 26 MB will work just fine. Just remember the larger the file size, the greater the resolution, resulting in a higher quality image.

Step 4: 

Once you choose your photo, take note of the red lines along the edge and the definition of dad writing, so no key components of your precious memory are cut off or blocked.

Step 5: 

Finally, adjust your image and confirm the placement and voila! The rest is up to use. Our artists will take good care of your creation and ship it out as soon as it’s finished!



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