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Canvas Wrap Options

Black Border Wrap

Black Border Wrap

We add a black border to your image by default. This is ideal for photos that have important elements near the edge of the photo.

White Border Wrap

White Border Wrap

With white border wrap, we only print on the front of your canvas. This is ideal for images that have important elements near the edges of the image.

Image Wrap

Image Wrap

Image wrap gives your image a sense of depth and sets your canvas apart from other traditional wall art. This is ideal for images where the subject matter is not too close to the edge.

Standard Wrap Canvas Prints

  • 0.75" deep
  • Provide a sleek and modern look and feel
  • Ideal for any décor
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Versatile for gallery walls or mixed displays

Thick Wrap Canvas Prints

  • 1.25" deep
  • Bold and sturdy
  • Command attention in any room
  • Add three-dimensional depth and visual impact
  • Perfect for larger sized canvases
Thick and Standard Wrap

Standard Canvas Floating Frames Standard Canvas Floating Frames

Standard Wrap Canvas with Floating Frame

Framed canvas prints are a stylish way to display your cherished photographs on your walls. Our sleek floating frames create a modern, sophisticated look and make your canvas print the focal point of any room. With a standard canvas wrap, your canvas will create a sunken effect that sits below the lip of the frame.

Available in black, white, and brown.


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