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Adventure Pets Pillow - Winter Wonderland

SKU: 90048
Vendor: Jondo
  • Our customizable winter pillows are 18x18 plush decorative pillows that allow you to incorporate everyone’s favorite family member into your holiday decor. We’re talking about the family pet, of course! 

  • Pets are part of the family, too. This holiday season, don’t forget to include them in the fun. Order one of our winter pillows with custom pet images and superimpose your adorably furry friends into a winter wonderland scene. 

  • Besides being totally cute and festive, these winter pillows are a definite conversation starter for your next holiday party.

  • Shopping for a gift for the animal lover in your life? A personalized winter pillow complete with an image of their pet is meaningful, adorable, and festive—the ultimate trio when it comes to gift-giving.

How do I choose a pet photo to personalize my winter pillow?

If you have the perfect photo already picked out, ordering is as simple as uploading your image, making any basic adjustments, and entering your shipping and billing information. And in just a few business days you can “ooh” “aww” and giggle at your pet prancing around a winter wonderland! 

If you need to snap a new photo of your pet, don’t panic! It’s way easier than you think. Just follow these steps and you’ll have the perfect winter pillow in no time.

  1. Set your pet up in front of a clear background such as a blank wall

  2. Use a squeaky toy, sounds, or treats to catch their attention

  3. Quick! Snap a full body photo of your pet

  4. Save and upload your image

ProTip: Don’t use flash as this can make your pet anxious and antsy.

What other custom pillows do you sell?

Our winter pillows with customizable pet images are definitely a crowd favorite, but if you’re looking for something a little different, our inventory is sure to include just what you’re looking for. From custom family pillows to personalized mugs and frames, we have plenty of great gifts to choose from—no matter what the occasion is!

How does it work?

Upload a photo of your pet and our designers will transform them into a wonderfully artistic and fun piece of artwork.



Choose your adventure

Check out all the Pet Adventure backgrounds to choose from!

For Best Results:

  • Keep your background simple. Avoid clutter or distracting elements.
  • Take a full body photo of your pet.
  • Having trouble getting your pet to stand still? Try using sounds like a squeak toy or treats to get their attention!
  • Do Not Use Flash: This can make your pet nervous.   



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