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LivingSocial Questions Answered

Where can I find my voucher code?
Your voucher code should be provided to you by the deal site where you made the purchase. Check your email or the deal site for information.

May I use more than one voucher on an order/visit?
You may only use one voucher per order. Promotional value cannot be combined with other offers. Your voucher code may not be combined with any other vouchers, promotions, coupons, or offers.

Why did I get a message that my photo resolution is too low?
There are several reasons why your image may be low resolution. When images are edited, emailed, or taken from a cell phone or website (such as Picasa, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery or Facebook) often become downsized or compressed. When a compressed photo is enlarged, it does not always stay crisp or clear. An image file size of at least 1 MB will usually work well for enlargements, depending on the canvas size. For best photo quality, use the original, high-resolution image that came directly from a digital camera.

How does it work when I want to use a photo or image from Facebook, Instagram, or other photo sharing websites?
CanvasPeople gives you options to upload images from Facebook, Instagram or directly from your computer. In order to upload an image/photo from Instagram or Facebook, simply click on these icons to access your albums. You will be asked to login to your account. Simply select your favorite image from your personal gallery to upload to the CanvasPeople site for printing.

Want to use your Instagram photo? Unfortunately, we can't accept Instagram photos for this deal, but you can upgrade at a great price, and use that Instagram photo on the 11x11 and 16x16 canvas sizes.

I took a photo with my cell phone. How do I know if it will print properly?
Photos that are taken with a cell phone camera are commonly not high enough in quality (resolution) to enlarge. However, this is not always the case. If your phone prompts you to choose the image size when saving or sending a photo, always choose the largest option available (this is usually called “actual size” or “original size”). If not, the CanvasPeople Web site will alert you if your photo is too low resolution. Hint: You may get better results if you select a smaller size canvas.

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